Washington State Cougar Fans Were Nervous

by Big Red on Oct 16, 2016 Sports 315 Views

Just when Washington  State Cougar fans were getting nervous about the sudden emergence of the Bruins defense, the rain slick ball slipped out of Falks hand when he turned to pass to Wicks in the backfield.

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Worldwide Peace Through Economic Development and Prosperity

by Jim Flynn on Oct 15, 2016 Transportation 41 Views

Worldwide Peace Through Economic Development and Prosperity

Can a policy of worldwide economic development, by extending the Euro-Asian Silk Road to North and South America via a railroad tunnel under the Bearing Straits to Alaska bring peace and prosperity to the world?

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Kent Education Association Event

by Jim Flynn on Sep 22, 2016 Education 71 Views

An  effort to provide adequate funding for school programs for children  in the Kent School District (KSD), and to ensure the most effective use of Washington State’s  McCleary Decision funds, started at a meeting in the District. 

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Pixie and the Fool

by Jim Flynn on Sep 9, 2016 Business 114 Views

Pixie and the Fool

Pamela Colman-Smith, called Pixie by her friends, needed money to fund a publishing enterprise featuring an Avant-Garde magazine called “The Green Sheaf.”  Pixie, like Peter-Pan of her Theatrical Set and Costume Design illustrations, started to feel like her friends had stopped believing in her.

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Best Halloween Look for Stylish Moms on Chilly Trick-Or-Treat Night

by Article on Aug 25, 2016 Fashion 431 Views

The scary season is here.  What is the best Halloween look for stylish moms on chilly Trick-Or-Treat night?  Celebrating Halloween with your little champs and princesses is a bit tricky.

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Metaphysics and Halloween: Beheading Into the Astral Plane

by Article on Aug 23, 2016 Seasonal 414 Views

Metaphysics, a term coined eons ago by Aristotle, explains otherworldly appearances from the non material world of  the astral plane. People from communities connected to the Benson Corridor open themselves to astral manifestations on the last day of October.

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History Essay: Indus Valley Civilization

by Article on Jul 19, 2016 Culture 61 Views

The Indus Valley civilization was a Bronze Age civilization (3300-1300 BCE) centered on the western part of Indian sub-continent. It reached its mature period known as Harappan Civilization in 2600 that lasted till 1900 BCE.

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The Panther Lake Dilemma

by Jim Flynn on Mar 4, 2016 Panther Lake 593 Views

Low income working families live along the Benson Corridor where urbanization is happening at an accelerated pace only short distance from Panther Lake. Wildlife abounds in and around the lake.

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El Faro Vortex

by Jim Flynn on Feb 26, 2016 Transportation 184 Views

El Faro Vortex

By the time the captain received a message with clear, concise weather information his options were limited.  The El Faro had already passed the Hole in the Wall.  An opening between the coastal islands marked by the Woods Hole lighthouse.  A route often taken by mariners to escape extreme weather.  It adds a couple days to the trip..

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El Faro: Hurricane Joaquin or Bermuda Triangle

by Jim Flynn on Nov 20, 2015 Transportation 278 Views

 El Faro: Hurricane Joaquin or Bermuda Triangle

October 1st  ended with a omnious message from the Captain of the El Faro.  According to the US Coast Guard, the ship was pummeled by hurricane Joaquin and sank only a day after leaving Jacksonville for Puerto Rico.  Thirty-three souls were aboard.  One body was recovered from the area of the disaster. The others are missing and presumed dead.

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The scary season is here.  What is the best Halloween look for stylish moms on chilly Trick-Or-Treat night?   Celebrating Halloween with your...

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