Both Plato and Aristotle Would be Pleased - Tielhard's Hypothesis of Radial Energy

by Nicholas J. Dardan on Nov 30, 2016 Science & Technology 13 Views

Noösphere is a word that was coined by the French, priest-scientist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard's hypothesis of radial energy referring to the energy associated with drawing matter to higher degrees of organized complexity, requires an amendment in the form of an addition to the kinetic atomic theory.

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Mexican Wall Vs China Tunnel

by Jim Flynn on Nov 28, 2016 Transportation 62 Views

If Mexico can pay for a wall, why shouldn’t China be allowed to pay for a tunnel? There is a rising groundswell of belief among building trades workers that the best way to a secure, prosperous future, is to invest in transportation and energy infrastructure.  

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Essential Tips For Looking Good in Winter

by Article on Nov 16, 2016 Fashion 36 Views

Essential Tips For Looking Good in Winter

The cooler weather has arrived and it's time to get your winter clothes out of storage and snuggle up close to loved ones

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I Saw Kennedy's Ghost

by Jim Flynn on Nov 11, 2016 Relationships 2232 Views

I Saw Kennedy's Ghost

Jack, I shouted. He turned abruptly and looked in my direction. He waved, we made eye contact, and

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President John F. Kennedy: Breaking Through the Shroud of an Untimely Demise

by Article on Nov 8, 2016 Politics 39 Views

John F Kennedy, here was a man who chose to fight political corruption in a manner never attempted by any president other than Abraham Lincoln.

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TransWorld Railroad Fast and Safe

by Jim Flynn on Nov 1, 2016 Transportation 106 Views

TransWorld Railroad Fast and Safe

Traveling byTransworld railroad, proposed by China, will be comfortable, fast and safe.

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Bering Strait Tunnel: China's Silk Road Extension

by Jim Flynn on Oct 15, 2016 Transportation 123 Views

Bering Strait Tunnel: China's Silk Road Extension

Can a policy of worldwide economic development, by extending the Euro-Asian Silk Road to North and South America via the InterBering railroad tunnel under the Bearing Straits to Alaska, bring peace and prosperity to the world?

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Kent Education Association Event

by Jim Flynn on Sep 22, 2016 Education 138 Views

An  effort to provide adequate funding for school programs for children  in the Kent School District (KSD), and to ensure the most effective use of Washington State’s  McCleary Decision funds, started at a meeting in the District. 

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Citizens of Benson Hill must join together and save Panther Lake.

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