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Thank Budget Cuts Saint Patrick


by Jim Flynn on Mar 15, 2015

Washington State Legislators will find ways to cut the budget of the social safety net to fully fund K-12 education. They do it to stay in compliance with the Supreme Court of Washington’s mandate.  Also, on Tuesday, St Patricks Day, federal lawmakers will hear debate on the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP), a US trade agreement.  Congress will battle over passage of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) giving future Presidents authority to fast-track trade agreements.  On Tuesday, Saint Patrick’s Day, lawmakers will work on environmental protection policies, especially climate change due to carbon emissions.  If it wasn’t for budget cuts there would never have been a Saint Patrick.

In the middle of the fifth century, there lived a young teenager named Maewyn.  His wealthy family managed an agricultural villa in a Roman Protectorate on the coast of Britain. His wealthy, educated mother was from France.  His British father was a deacon in the Christian church.  Maewyn’s family received special privileges because of his father’s position in the Roman Christian Church.

The Roman Empire political system worked on a patron – client relationship for the distribution of wealth. The Roman Governor, a paternal protector and benefactor, formed alliances with selective clients and offered financial assistance and legal protection at the expense of the exploited lower class.   

Military and economic pressure on Rome made it necessary for them to cut the budget Roman Legionand withdraw their Legions from Britain.  Vortigern, the tyrant Roman Governor  in Britain, invited Saxon pirates to serve as a military buffer between the proponents of  Pelagianism  and the Roman Catholic party.  Both political organizations were trying to gain influence in that protectorate.  The aggressive sea-borne attacks by Picts from Hibernia threatened Vortigern’s costal security.

The homeland security of Britain was thrown into chaos by the military stranglehold of the Saxons. The aggressive Picts and Celts each saw an opportunity to establish their own control of the agricultural resources.  Maewyn’s family villa became an easy mark for raiding marauders from the land that Rome called Hibernia.  Many unprotected agricultural Villas met violent ends at that time. 

Maewyn’s family villa became an easy mark for raiding marauders from the land that Rome called Hibernia.  Many unprotected agricultural Villas met violent ends at that time.  The raiders took the privileged youth to Hibernia as a slave.  

While young Maewyn was captive, the failure of Roman-Britain trade agreements and alliances caused a greater concentration of Empire wealth and the global economy went into steep decline.  The most important economic resource, tens of thousands of guest Roman Emperorworkers, including Hibernia’s Champion Saint, were able to escape captivity and return home. Maewyn found that Britain’s Agricultural Villas, the economic center of society, had dissolved.  A total collapse of the global economy culminated in the year 476ce  when Romulus Augustus  the child Roman Emperor abdicated.   

Maewyn  went to France to study to be a Roman Catholic priest and organizer.  He completed his studies and after ten years he was sent to administer to Catholics in Britain. He returned, instead, to Ireland the land and people he loved.  His name was Patrick.

Saint Patrick also recognized the importance of education. Through the hardships of economic collapse he used his fantastic organizing abilities to established an educational system in Ireland.  His educational system was such a successful model that countries all over Europe developed similar systems over the next several centuries. 

Environmentalists should feel relieved to know that Saint Patrick didn’t drum up the snakes of Ireland and drive them from the land.  There were more serious environmental problems around the globe.   Near the time of Patrick’s death, global climate change, due to carbon emissions from volcanic activity, marked the beginning of the Dark Ages.  Governments collapsed globally because of the catastrophic environmental damage.

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 Jim Flynn, a Vietnam era veteran of the US Coast Guard, is a retired Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor. He is sole proprietor of Seaport E, a B2B service providing Search Engine Optimization, Domain Search and Registration, Web Hosting and Content Management for budget minded businesses. Jim is actively involved in community improvement activity and legislative action. Jim will provide content to publishers upon request


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St Patricks Day,  debate on the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP), a US trade agreement.  Congress Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) giving future Presidents authority to fast-track trade agreements

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Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn, a US Coast Guard vet, is a retired Tradesman. He is the sole proprietor of Seaport E, a B2B service offering Content Management, Value Seach Engine Submission and Optimization, and SeaportDomains.Com, providing Top Level Domain Search and Registration . Jim is actively involved in grass roots, community and legislative action.  Mr. Flynn provides content to publishers upon request.






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