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Tielhard's Hypothesis of Radial Energy

by Nicholas J. Dardan on Nov 30, 2016

Noösphere is a word that was coined by the French, priest-scientist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. [1], [2],[3]

Pierre Tiellhard de ChardinTeilhard's hypothesis of radial energy,[4] referring to the energy associated with drawing matter to higher degrees of organized complexity, requires an amendment in the form of an addition to the kinetic atomic theory. His hypothesis has been duplicated in the theoretical work of F.S.C. Northrop[5] Northrop's doctoral thesis under Lawrence J. Henderson [6] Professor of Biochemistry at Harvard, was “The Problem of Organization in Biology.” The experimental work to verify Northrop hypothesis was done by Harold Saxton Burr, Section of Neuro-Anatomy, Yale Medical School and his colleagues.[7] Among the findings: an electrical technique for the early detection of cancer (an organization anomaly), and the early detection of ovulation (an organizational change).[8] The linking of the work of Pierre Teilhard and F.S.C. Northrop was the subject of a paper that was published in 1983.[9] There are fifty years of positive experimental verification of Northrop Macroscopic theory [10] ,making Pierre Teilhard's theory of radial energy and Northrop's Macroscopic Atomic Theory a fundamental law of nature.

The solution to the problem of organization in biology is key to linking the abiotic-biotic-noöspheric (Vernadsky) [11] to physics. It happens that the physical amendment to the kinetic atomic theory is cosmic in extent and gives us an organic physical conception of the universe in which human beings are an integral part.[5],12]

The solution to the problem of organization in biology turns out to be the solution to the general problem of organization in the universe as a whole. Something this important cannot be ignored. These ideas will fundamentally change our physical conception of the world, and, as a result, change our culture. 5a,13

The Big Bang Theory

“The three conceptions of nature which Greek science formulated [the real is the physical, the real is the mathematical, and the real is the functional] are uniquely defined in terms of four basic principles:

  1. The principle that the real is physical,
  2. The principle that the real is rational,
  3. The principle that the real is being
  4. The principle that the real is becoming

The principle of being means that the real does not change its properties, the principle of becoming, that it does. To assert that the real is being and is physical is to maintain the physical theory of nature; that the real is being and rational, the mathematical theory; and that the real is becoming, the functional theory.” 5b Pierre Teilhard states that all energy is psychic in nature 4, and Einstein's equation E=mc2 shows the equivalency of mass and energy. The implication is that matter has a psychic aspect to it.

According to Northrop, “Man is conscious because he is the entities of the macroscopic atomic theory in one of their many particularizations, which the pluralistic principle of this theory necessitates, and these atoms are inherently conscious. And observed nature is more than physical and formal nature, and is in part constituted by the perceiving subject, because the ultimate entities which constitute both it and its part, the observer, combine psychical with physical and formal properties in its synthesis. Hence, because colors and sounds and pains and pleasures are in part psychical, it by no means follows that they are illusions or mere appearances, for even the psychical, which is a necessary factor in their existence, is as ultimate and irreducible and essential a property of atomic nature, as the physical and formal.

... When one senses what it is to be oneself, the atoms of our theory [the Macroscopic Macro Atomic TheoryAtomic Theory] are joined to the knowing subject by the relation of  identity; one knows the atoms which constitute oneself and nature by being immediately aware of what it is to be them. Now, I am conscious. Hence, they must be also. Thus we discover that the subjective and psychical factor, which the presence of colors and sounds reveals, is an inherent property of the atoms of our theory.” 5c

The work of Pierre Teilhard addresses the development of consciousness directly. The Arizona architect, Paolo Soleri, [13]  effectively applied what Teilhard calls The Law of Complexity and Consciousness which links further human evolution with an increase in organized complexity and a corresponding increase in consciousness. [4]The physical elements in the current stage of evolution are reflective beings, and the instrument of organization, a 3-dimensional, highly organized, urban infrastructure.  This will dovetail nicely with the Eurasian Land Bridge, or New Silk Road, proposal for infrastructure and utility corridors.

FSC NorthrupThe first principles of science have their logical consequences, whether we foresee them or not. According to Northrop, the death of science in the middle ages was due to the prevalence of the mathematical theory of Plato under St. Augustine. “..... [T]his theory with its doctrine of of ideal forms, does not become reasonable unless one accepts the conclusion that the real world is not what nature appears to be. But to accept this doctrine is to deprecate the importance of the observable world of sensation. A loss of interest in nature for its own sake follows. Without this interest, empirical science dies, and without empirical science, there is no mathematics or mathematical theory.” 5d  An emphasis on the functional theory of Aristotle to the exclusion of the mathematical theory of Plato gives us the dangers of positivism. If Northrop's reasoning is correct, by emphasizing the Platonic or mathematical theory of nature to the exclusion of the Aristotelian or functional theory of nature, one is undercutting the discovery of fundamental scientific truths.

I suspect that Teilhard is not mentioned as the source of the word noosphere, or his work discussed for that matter by Executive Intelligence Review or in 21st Century Science & Technology, because he represents the Aristotelean or functional theory of nature: that the real is becoming, and its corollary, as Northrop points out, the epistemological principle that the real world is contained in the world of sensation. This is in contradistinction to the Platonic or mathematical theory of nature, that the real world is suggested by, but not contained in, the world of sensation. But, both the rational and the world of sensation are real when the psychical is added to Northrop's Macroscopic Atomic Theory, a thorough-going physical theory of nature that requires an amendment in the form of a physical addition to the kinetic atomic theory. This theory has solved the problem of organization in biology, and its experimental verification has brought us a technique for the early detection of human ovulation and cancer.  The three fundamental theories of nature and their corollaries, as well as the nature of the psychical and consciousness, therefore, deserve careful study and discussion. It will not be surprising that the mathematical and functional theories of nature will eventually be replaced by an amended physical theory of nature, the Macroscopic Atomic Theory. This would help to bring about a new era in the history of humankind.

The Macroscopic Atomic Theory

Both Plato and Aristotle would be pleased

[1]    “..... [I]n 1925 [Pierre Teilhard] coined the term noosphere to denote the sphere of mind, as opposed to, or rather superposed on, the biosphere or sphere of life, and acting as a transforming agency promoting hominisation (or as I would put it, progressive psychosocial evolution)” –  Julian Huxley, Introduction, The Phenomenon of Man, Paris, March 1947.

[2]    “Teilhard first described the noosphere in a long essay titled 'Hominisation', written in 1925. It bears the subtitle 'Introduction to a Scientific Study of the Phenomenon of Man' and is a remarkable pointer to his major book on the subject, not begun until the late 1930s. The human being is the key to the understanding of evolution; it is also pointing beyond itself, to  'a higher pole or center that directs, sustains and assembles the whole sheaf of our efforts'.....After Teilhard had coined the word 'noosphere', the philosopher, Edouard LeRoy, and the Russian Geologist, Vladimir I. Vernadsky, soon adopted the term and helped to make it better known” – Ursula King, Chair of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Briston, England, Spirit of Fire, The Life and Vision of Teilhard de Chardin, Orbis Books, Maryland, New York, 1996.

[3]    “We are living in a brand new, bright geological epoch. Man, through his labor – and his conscious relationship to life – is transforming the envelope of the Earth – the geological region of life, the biosphere. Man is shifting it into a new geological state: Through his labor and his consciousness, the biosphere is in a process of transition to the noosphere2, “Problems of Biogeochemistry II, On the Fundamental Material-Energetic Distinction Between Living and Nonliving Natural Bodies of the Biosphere,” by  Vladimir I. Vernadsky, 21st Century Science and Technology, Winter 2000-2001, p22.   2 Le Roy, E. L'exigence idéaliste et le fait d'evolution, Paris, 1927, p. 196.

[4]    The Phenomenon of Man by Teilhard de Chardin, HarperCollins, Perennial, 2002 (pp64-66) ($14.95 paperback); original French edition: Le Phénomene humain (The Human Phenomenon), Editions du Seul, Paris, 1955 – available in the United States from Larousse & Co., New York, N.Y.

[5]    Science and First Principles, F.S.C. Northrop, Macmillan, New York, 1931; Cambridge University Press, 1931; reprinted in 1972 by Ox Bow Press, P.O. Box 4045, Woodridge, CT 06525, 1972 Tel: 203.387.5900 Fax: 203.387.0035 ($22 paperback, $32 hardback); (a: p123; b: pp24-25; c: p253-254; d: pp27-29).

[6]    The Fitness of the Environment, An Inquiry into the Biological Significance of Matter, by L.J. Henderson, Macmillan, 1913; reprinted 1958 (Beacon Paperback); reprinted 1970, Peter Smith, Gloucester, Massachusetts. Blood: A Study in General Physiology, by L.J. Henderson, New Haven, Yale University Press; London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1928.

[7]    “A Technique to Aid in the Detection of Malignancy of the Female Genital Tract”, Louis Langman and H.S.Burr, Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol.57, No.2, 1949 (pp274-281); “History, Measurement, and Applicability of Periodic Changes in the Electromagnetic Field in Health and Disease”, by Leonard J. Ravitz, M.D., Annals New York Academy of Sciences, No.98, 1962 (pp1144-1201); “Electro-Dynamic Field Theory in Psychiatry”, Leonard J. Ravitz, M.D., Southern Medical Journal, Vol.46, No.7, 1953 (pp650-660). Much experimental work was done using the Burr-Lane-Nims technique including work done in biology, forestry, zoology, botany, meteorology, physics, and chemistry. I do not have all the reference material in front of me while writing this response, so I apologize if I have left out any fields of study, or any work done by others. This is all very important work, and needs to be studied carefully.

[8]    “Experimental Findings Concerning the Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life and an Analysis of their Physical Meaning”, F.S.C. Northrop and H.S. Burr, Growth, Vol 1, 1939 (submitted in 1936) (pp 78-88).

[9]    “Radial Energy and the First Principles of Science”, D.H. Dickson, The Desire to be Human, International Teilhard Compendium, Centenary Volume, edited by Leo Zonneveld, Commercial Attachè, British Embassy, The Hague, and Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary General, United Nations, Miranda Publishers b.v. Wassenaar, Netherlands, 1983 (pp92-94); edited and reprinted in Frontier Perspectives, the journal for the Center of Frontier Sciences, Temple University, Vol 5, No.1, Fall/Winter 1995, Correspondence (pp4,5).

[10]  Blueprint for Immortality: The Electrical Patterns of Life, by H.S. Burr, Neville Spearman, London, 1972. Langman's papers on the early detection of cancer of the female genital tract using the Burr-Lane-Nims technique are in the appendix.

[11]  The Abiotic, Biotic, Noöspheric correspond to the three main divisions in The Phenomenon of Man: Book One: Before Life Came, Book Two: Life, Book Three: Thought.  

[12]  See: The Fitness of the Environment, An Inquiry into the Biological Significance of Matter, L.J. Henderson, Macmillan, 1913 p312.

[13]  Arcology: City in the Image of Man, Paolo Soleri, MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England, 1969; reprinted by Bridgewood Press, 1999 (0-927015-15-3).

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Noösphere is a word that was coined by the French scientist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard's hypothesis of radial energy, referring to the energy associated with drawing matter to higher degrees of organized complexity, requires an amendment in the form of an addition to the kinetic atomic theory.

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