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Metaphysics and Halloween: Beheading Into the Astral Plane

by Article on Aug 23, 2016

Metaphysics, a term coined eons ago by Aristotle, explains otherworldly appearances from the non material world of the astral plane. People from communities connected to the Benson Corridor open themselves to astral manifestations on the last day of October.

Halloween is believed to originate from Samhini, an ancient Celtic festival, in which people would dress up in costumes and light bonfires to keep the unwanted spirits away from their homes and villages. Still to this day, as soon as October comes rolling around, we still dress up like witches, monsters, ghosts and Disney characters; as we listen to dark tales of the afterlife. All in good fun of course, because as we know, ghosts, spirits and the afterlife existing on earth just makes for fun stories and ridiculous plot lines. However, would it be just for fun, if you knew that some of these Halloween tales could be true? What if science could prove that some of these “tales” could, in fact happen?

            Before your read ahead, here is your warning- those scary tales and spiritual facts are based on real possibilities! To begin seeing the astral and physical possibilities, let’s take a look at what is an astral plain, our astral body and the astral world?

Astral planeSimply stated, an astral plain is the level in which something exists. Humans are residing both physically and consciously in the physical plain, the world we commonly experience as human beings. While the afterlife denotes the singular life that exists after our human experience on earth. This various planes of existence, makeup the astral world. Metaphysically, the astral world can be understood as the place you find yourself after your physical self dies or passes on, to be more accurate.

The astral world is similar in many ways to our experience in the physical. This is why that same little boy running up your stairs, is their playing where he often, once played. With many of the same characteristics, this plane is said to sit just above the physical; minus the density and natural laws. The last astral characteristic is the energy or soul, itself- the astral body. What is the astral body? It is the energy that exists now that the physical has passed. Essentially, it is what's left after you die. It's your soul or energy, which is now capable from moving between the physical and the spiritual; from plain to plain. Not to say, that this energy of body has a determined look; such as, the little boy running up your stairs at night or a ball of light that is found in your vacation pictures hovering above you.

Anne Boleyn walking in the castle at nightLet’s put these concepts together using this “ghost story”: Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VII for three years, although as history suggests, he grew tired of her after three years. She was beheaded in 1536, based on false accusations of adultery and witchcraft. Since her untimely death, she has been seen standing in a beautiful gown throughout various locations in England; such as, Hever Castle, Salle Church and the Tower of London. Some have even seen her in post-death, holding her own head. Could these visions be true? Many have claimed to have seen her, with her own head tucked underneath her own arm; a very unmistakably unique sight. Is this sighting possible? Well, according to the spiritual astral planes, yes.

Autumn FestivalStarting from the beginning of the story, Anne Boleyn died and passed on to a new astral plain; one, that no longer was made up of natural laws and physics. Then in the astral world she was able to move in and out of space consciousness. This is phase is where we find her to move from location to location, appearing wherever she pleases; grabbing the attention of others with her beautiful gown, head in tow. This vision is simply, the representation of her energy or soul, her astral body, holding on to or visiting what was her physical existence.

With these metaphysical studies in mind, when you dress up as a witch, or princess with your head cut off, consider if this is just for fun. Also, when you watch that low budget horror movie of the season, maybe contemplate the possibility of that plot? The astral world could be more real than you know. Actually, maybe you should light that bonfire, just in case...

Happy Halloween!

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Article Summary:

Metaphysics, a term coined eons ago by Aristotle, explains otherworldly appearances from the non material world of  the astral plane. People from communities connected to the Benson Corridor open themselves to astral manifestations on the last day of October.

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