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TransWorld Railroad Fast and Safe

by Jim Flynn on Nov 1, 2016

Time is an extremely precious commodity in the Twenty-first Century.  Time is always the priority consideration for movement of freight and passengers traveling long distances.  The Transworld railroad, proposed by China, will fill all those expectations with comfortable, fast and safe transport. The Chinese government's proposal, which they are willing to fund at over four-hundred sixty-five billion US, will bring economic development and prosperity, leading to peace, throughout the world. 

A paradigm shift in the world system of High Speed Rail is upon us with the introduction of the Worldwide Silk Road extension proposed by China.  With the help of Russia, Canada, and the United States,  the Chinese offer a high-speed railway for moving container freight and passengers.  

.  The proposed one-hundred twenty mile tunnel will extend from Uelen on the tip of the Siberian Peninsula  to Prince of Wales in Alaska, USA.  A new rail route will be constructed in the U.S. from Wales AK to Nome AK, about eight-hundred miles, and then East to Fairbanks where it will  follow the Alcan highway through Canada for some distance then follow a costal route through Kent, Washington State, USA.  This high-speed route will eventually connect the entire continents of Africa, Europe and Asia with North and South America.  The Chinese project started in 2014 when the Silk Road connected European markets with Asia by the Euro-Asian Land Bridge.   The railway proposal is expected to bring world peace through economic development and prosperity, according to Chinese authorities.

The Alcan, a major highway, constructed during WWll, linking Alaska to the contiguous United States through Canada is a once in a lifetime experience of sight, sound and fragrance for tourists.  The smell of oil and oil exploration, reminiscent of the smell of money also draws travelers to the Alaska Highway.

Trans Siberian Railroad But extend the idea and imagine the scenic beauty traveling leisurely at two-hundred miles per hour through two thousand miles of Siberia and thirty-five hundred miles of Alaska and Canada with scheduled stops along the way, and stopping for a moment in Tukwila, WA.  With a little more extension of your imagination you can travel from Port Elizabeth, South Africa at the Southern tip of the African continent to Ushuaia, Patagonia at the Southern tip of South America. China has already helped create such a fast railway corridor with freight traffic between the Baltic States and Western Europe, continuing through the Channel Tunnel to London.


In North America, however, high speed rail construction has taken a beating because of convoluted political policy. Here in the US, High Speed Railway routes are being constructed at a snail’s pace. With the recent announcement by China of her willingness to front the entire construction of the $465 billion project, many American business visionaries see fantastic opportunities for the immediate future.





Ushuaia Province of Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia
This photo of Ushuaia is courtesy of TripAdvisor

There have been plans and proposals for the construction of Bering Strait bridges and tunnels since the 19th century.  No Government has acted and tried bringing these plans to life until China started with the Euro-Asian Landbridge in 2013 and completed in March of 2016. In 2014, China and Russia announced their intention of building a high-speed railroad connecting Moscow with Beijing.  Simply bringing Russia into compliance with International Rail dimensions had to be corrected before the project could be completed.   It is just a matter of time until rail connections will complete a true Globalization process, with physical connections throughout the planet. Business travelers, tourists and freight complete the picture. Yes, we can travel for the fun of experience, but also for business and in search for better opportunities and the expectation of prosperity.  

Russia has a version of the Bering Strait tunnel, much different than the Chinese version that will physically unite North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and all major cities directly. It is referred to as as the InterBering.  Use #InterBering on Twitter.

Do you feel that travel by High Speed Rail throughout the world is a good idea?  Your comment is welcome.   

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Traveling byTransworld railroad, proposed by China, will be comfortable, fast and safe.

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Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn, a US Coast Guard vet, is a retired Tradesman. He is the sole proprietor of Seaport E, a B2B service offering Content Management, Value Seach Engine Submission and Optimization, and SeaportDomains.Com, providing Top Level Domain Search and Registration . Jim is actively involved in grass roots, community and legislative action.  Mr. Flynn provides content to publishers upon request.






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